USCT at the Battle of Fort Blakeley Marker on left.

History of 73rd U.S.C.T.

First Black Troop to be Mustered into the Union Army by Camille Corte The famed 73rd U. S. C. T. was first organized in the Confederate service by Governor Moore of Louisiana as the 1st Louisiana Native Guards in May of 1861. After the surrender of New Orleans they offered themselves to the Union. General Butler accepted them and mustered the regiment into the service on September 27, 1862. The 73rd became the first Colored regiment to be mustered into the Union Army. It retained its designation as the 1st Louisiana Native Guards until after the siege of Port Hudson […]

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Creole History

History of the Creoles in Louisiana

The first white settlers of Louisiana were French, usually the second born sons of aristocrats who left France to seek adventure in the New World. They brought their traditional style of cooking from the continent, and being rich aristocrats, they also brought along their chefs as well! These Frenchmen came to be called Creoles, and made up the upper crust of New Orleans. Their descendants can still be found in the French Quarter today. This manuscript takes a look at the history of this unique group of people.

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